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Priceless Florida

Natural Ecosystems and Native Species

By Ellie Whitney, D. Bruce Means, and Anne Rudloe


  • Full color throughout
  • 800 color photos
  • 8 ½ X 11 432 pages
  • Publication Date: September 2004

    Paper cover: $21.95
    Hard cover: $29.95

    Priceless Florida presents the incomparable riches of every kind of natural ecosystem found within this unique region in a way that will appeal to young and old, laypersons and scientists. A cornucopia of colorful illustrations and exquisite photos makes you feel your there. The comprehensive text enlightens with facts and brims with intriguing curiosities while bridging multiple fields in a crisp, readable style that only seasoned science-educators like Drs. Whitney, Means, and Rudloe could offer. Much of Florida has been bought and sold many times over, but this book makes clear how its value truly has no price tag.

    "Understanding our states unique environment is important for Floridians. An appreciation of the native ecosystems enables us to make wise decisions for the future. This guide is an excellent tool for discovering the natural treasures abundant in Priceless Florida." ----- Senator Bob Graham

    "For everyone with an interest in the natural history of Florida, or for that matter natural history in general, Priceless Florida is hard to put down. It combines the depth of an encyclopedia with the freshness and accessibility of a field manual."  ---- E.O. Wilson, author of Sociobiology, On Human Nature, and The Ants.

    "Priceless Florida is one of the most important books ever crafted about Florida’s natural history. The scientific and educational lessons embodied within these pages are simply astonishing." Victoria J. Tschinkel. The Nature Conservancy

    "Priceless Florida should be in every high school and college classroom, and in every nature lovers library. Copies will soon be dogeared from frequent use." --- Doug Anderson, Florida Wildlife magazine

    Ellie Whitney was educated at Harvard and Washington universities. She lives in Tallahassee, has taught at Florida State University, and has authored some two dozen college textbooks. Bruce Means has a Ph.D. in biology from FSU, is president of the Coastal Plains Institute and Land Conservancy, and teaches field ecology at FSU. Anne Rudloe has a Ph.D. in biology from FSU. She and her husband Jack Rudloe run the Gulf Specimen Marine Laboratory in Panacea, Florida.

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