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Australia - July through September 2001

Friday, 14 September 2001

Dear friends and readers of my on-line journal. As you know
from reading this daily journal that I post on my website, I am
self-employed, depending considerably on the experiences during my
travels to come up with ideas about writing and documentary film
projects. Unfortunately, and sadly, there are so many competitors
these days who write magazine articles and make documentary films,
that topical ideas are very valuable.

In the past two weeks, a flurry of great writing and
documentary film projects have come to me and I duly recorded them in
my daily journal (which I haven't yet posted). I have reason to
believe that my ideas are being mined from the journal, however, so
it is with much regret that I have decided not to post the last two
fabulous weeks of my travels in Australia.

I am presently sitting in a motel room in Cairns awaiting a
flight--any flight--back home. I am out of funds again, and that
highly valuable commodity, time, but the outrageous acts of terrorism
recently may hold me up a few more days. Thanks for your interest in
my journal. I hope you enjoyed it enough to purchase whatever
book(s) it generates. Book text will be greatly expanded and
rewritten, so you would not be re-reading what I have already

Love, peace, and don't hate Muslims, generically--only the
extremists who lurk in every walk of our lives.


P. S. A two-page photographic spread of a green tree frog eating a
little bent wing bat appears in the September/October issue of
International Wildlife Magazine.

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