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By D. Bruce Means
Around the World 2001
©2000 Bruce Means
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Kathy with an echidna
Kathy having fun with an echidna, one of the world's two species of monotremes. Monotremes are the only mammals that lay eggs.
Shingleback, Tiliqua rugosa
Shingleback, Tiliqua rugosa, from Fitzgerald N. P. displaying defensive behavior designed to startle and intimidate a predator.
Kathy holding a large skink
Don't let Kathy fool you that she doesn't like reptiles. She has a lizard of her own and is mad keen about this shingleback, a large skink.
Frilled Lizard
Frilled lizard exhibiting defensive behavior, Darwin.
Oenpelli python
Oenpelli python endemic to the Kakadu Escarpment, Arnhem Land
Belly scales of the southern heath monitor
Belly scales of the southern heath monitor, Varanus rosenbergi, Fitzgerald N. P.
Western Brown Snake
Western brown snake (=gwardar), Pseudonaja nuchalis, near Newman, Western Australia.
  northern death adder
Northern death adder showing its proportionately long fangs for an elapid. Snake is a road-kill. I lifted its right side fang sheath and exposed a functional fang with its replacement coming in.

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